The client will automatically receive an email notification about the estimate.

Email Notification

The client can download the attached PDF estimate, or click on the estimate link (see the link provided or click on the button Approve / Reject in the email.

Upon click, the client can see the estimate generated by the system.

View Estimate

The decision to Accept / Declined by The Client

The client then has an option either to Accept or Decline the estimate received.

Choose Decline

If click on the Decline button, the estimate will be changed its status from Waiting to Declined

Estimates Status Changed

Then, the user can see the status of the estimated also changed to Declined


Choose Accept

If the client chooses to click on the Accept the estimate, they can see a pop-up box appear as a confirmation message.

The client needs to enter the info as requested;

  • First name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Signature

On the signature box, the client can draw their signature.

Once done, the client will require to click on the Sign button.

Then the client can see the estimate agreed, change it to become an Invoice.

Sample below, can see the Estimate number already changed to the Invoice number

Estimates Status Changed

Then, the user can see the status of the estimated also changed to Accepted


Status Appear In The List of Invoice

The status of the estimate that automatically created as an invoice also appeared in the list of invoice.

The invoice will be created based on the date the estimate is accepted.

Process The Invoice

Since the estimate already become an invoice, the client can choose on how to proceed the payment.

Since the client clicks on the link received from the system, and the client still not enter the as a client panel, client can still proceed to do the payment.

The client can scroll to the Pay Now button and click to perform the payment procedure.

If there’s more than 1 payment gateway set up by the user, the client will have an option, see the image above.

To set up the payment gateway, the user need to go to the Settings > Payment Credentials > Online Payment Credentials

If the user has an option to enable the Offline Payment Method, the client can perform the manual payment. In order for the client to perform the manual payment, the client requires to log in to the client panel first, see the available invoice and perform the payment.