Access Notice Board

When a new Notice created by the Admin, employee and Clients able to receive notification on their email about any notice posted by the Admin, and they can read the detail notice upon log-in to the dashboard.

To access the notice board, from the left-side menu bar, click on the Notice Board.

If there are any notice created, it will be appear in the list.



You can filter the available notice by select the date range.

View Notice

Admin can view the Notice created.

Example in this image below, to view the created Notice Board. click on the magnify icon.



After click on the View Notice, you can see the detail content of the Notice Board.


Click on the Close button once the notice already read.


Create New Notice

Admin can create Notice.

Once created, the users registered under the same organization will be able to view the notice.

When create a new Notice, Admin can select either to give to all Employees or by select the available Department by using the dropdown options available.

The Notice Heading is the notice title, and the notice details will contain detail information plan to share with the users.