Role Permission Setup

First thing go to the Company Setting at:

Choose Roles & Permissions:

Company Settings > Roles & Permissions

How Role Permission Work

Role Permission allow the Business User / Admin role to assign team member into the role and perform several function available in the application.

There are many modules available such as Clients, Employee, Project, Attendance, Task, Estimates & many more.

For each module, assigned user able to;

  • ADD – create new record such as create new task or invoice
  • VIEW – view only the record, such view the task or view the invoice, but not be able to create new one, edit or delete
  • UPDATE – allow to do the changes, but not able to create or delete
  • DELETE – only able to delete the record

After create the role, you can see the options to ADD, VIEW, UPDATE AND DELETE

In general, once a new role already being created, all options are tuned off


If you choose to enable the role to play specific function, click to the toggle button to turn on



Setup The Role Permission

Navigate to Company Settings > Roles & Permissions



Click to Manage Role button to start add new customize Role

Once clicked, you can see a pop-up to show the Manage Role

By default, there’s aa Admin, Employee and Client role.

Set a Role Name

To create another Role, insert the name of the new Role in the Role Name area box

Click Save button to add the new role

Then you can see the new custom Role already listed.

Managing Custom Role

Once the new role created, you can see it is appear on the list of role


Click the Permissions button to begin customizing the new role’s permissions.

Simply click the toggle button to select the type of permission: Add, View, Update, or Delete. Permissions that have been enabled will appear as a green colour button.

All permission will be update automatically once enabled.


Assign Member Into A Role

Once a role has been created, members of the team can be added to it. To add a person, click the Member(s) button.

The Manage Role Members pop-up will appear after that. To begin adding person, click the to Add members field.

The system will generate list based on who is available in the firm, and you can add more than one individual at time.

After you’ve added your preferred person, click the Save button.

After done added, the list of Roles & Permission will show the updated number of members available and already assigned to the Role.

Remove Member from A Role

role’s assigned members can be modified. 
Simply click the Member(s) button to see list of people who have already been added, and then click the Remove button.

To continue, click the Save button once you’ve agreed.