Manual Payment Setup

Go to Company Settings at

Choose Payment Credentials setting

In the Company Settings, choose menu item Payment Credentials

Online Payment Credential menu item, choose Offline Payment Method

Setting in Offline Payment Method.

In this

In this settings, to add your bank / account details, click on the Add Method+ button

Then you can see a pop-up with open text allow you to enter your detail payment instruction

Insert the Method name, and key-in the description..

Normally in the description area will contain information like:

  • Bank Name
  • Account Name
  • Account Number
  • SWIFT Code
  • IBAN Code

You can add additional information like payment instruction etc.

Once done, click on the Save button..

Then, you can see the created offline payment method.

To activate, click on the Edit button. then check the Status option to ensure it is in Active mode.

If you have added more than 1 offline payment method, you can choose to make any account  or payment method is active of Inactive.

How Manual Payment Works

Once manual payment activated, it will be embed automatically in your invoice.

During managing or settling the invoice given to your customer,

Your client can click on the Pay Now button, and choose Manual Payment

After that, the client can upload the proof of payment, and insert the description detail about the payment that has been done.

As a business owner or admin, you will get a notification on the payment that has been done and require to approve the payment. Upon approved, the invoice will automatically become a Paid Invoice and email to the client.