Manage Leaves Application

Admin user can manage the leaves application by the team members, by approve leave application or assign a leave application.

If there is no leave application, it will not display here.

If there is a leave application, admin user can click the Accept button to approve.

Admin user also can view available remaining leaves based on each staff applied, this will help for the admin user to perform the decision-making process.


View All Leaves

Admin user can view all available leaves applications by leaves status and leave type.

Edit Leaves Application

If the Admin user wanted to view the detail leaves application, or change the decision if it is being accidentally approved or rejects, can proceed by clicking on the button.

To edit the leave application, click on the Edit button.and change the relevant information accordingly.

Click Update button once done.


Assign Leaves

Admin user can assign leave to any member, by click on +Assign Leave button

Admin user can;

  • Choose member (select from the drop-down button to filter)
  • Choose Leave Type
    • Casual
    • Sick
    • Earned
  • Select Duration
    • Single
    • Multiple
    • Half Day
  • Enter / Select the Date
  • Enter the reason for absence
  • Choose the Status
    • Aproved
    • Pending

Configure Leave Type

Admin user can add type of Leave Type by clicking on the +Add Leave Type button.

Admin user need to:

  • Enter Leave Type
  • Enter Number of Leaves (start from 4 & above)

Once Saved, it will be updated on the Leave Type selection.