View Attendance Summary

User with Admin credential can manage the staff attendance record.

User can access this via HR > Attendance

Inside here, the user can view all staff attendance records.

= absent

= attend

To filter the attendance record by employee name, month and year, click on each of the drop-down selection button to filter, and click Apply to confirm the requested changes.

Update Attendance Record

To update the staff attendance record, click on the absent button.

Then the user can see this pop-up message.

User then can see an option to adjust the clock in and clock out time.

If the staff is late, admin user can mark it as Late.

If the staff is working half-day, admin user can mark it as Half-Day.

Default working from being automatically set to the office, but admin user still able to change the info.

The Clock In IP and the Clock Out IP are automatically detected from the user’s existing location.

View Attendance Record

Admin user can view each staff attendance record by clicking on the attend button.

Admin user can see the summary record of working hours duration and detail of each time staff clock-in and clock-out in a day

Attendance By Member

The admin user also has an option to view all member attendance and the summary of;

  • Total Working Days
  • Days Present
  • Days Late
  • Half Day
  • Days Absent
  • Holidays

Admin user also can filter by:

  • Date Range
  • Employee Name

Attendance By Date

The admin user also has an option to view the team member attendance by date.



Mark Attendance

The admin user also has an option to update the team attendance in summary view.

Click on the Mark Attendance+ button