User can manage a project by clicking on any project created

In this view, the user can see a summary list of project created with its progress status.

To manage a project, click to any selected project available, then the user can see the project detail.



In overview, the user can see a summary of the project created.

Activity Timeline is showing all activities happening within a project.

Update project Progress

To update the project progress, scroll to the top right area and click on the project status.

User need to change the project status once start and change the status as per require.



Admin user can add project member and add team (department) into a project

  • Click into a Choose Member field under ADD PROJECT MEMBERS to select a member
  • Click to Department field under ADD TEAM to select a Department

Admin user has a capability to appoint a Project Admin by selecting any available member added, by check on Project Admin radio button. Once checked, the screen will refresh and show the updated Project Admin.


Admin user can create and manage project milestone.

Click on Create Milestone button to add in new milestone

Admin user can insert relevant detail in:

  • Milestone Title
  • Milestone Cost
  • Milestone Summary
  • Status – update between Incomplete / Completed
  • Add Cost To Project Budget – select between No / Yes

Usage of Milestone is not a compulsory.


Admin user can create and manage a Task.

Sample below show available task with its own status.

Click on +Task Category button to start create a task category

Click on +New Task button to start create a task.


Task Category

There is no pre-define task category available.

User can Insert any category name and click Save button

User also can remove any created category by click Remove button


New Task

By clicking on +New Task button, user can start establish new task


Task Board

Task board is basically a Kanban Board

There is a 2 columns (INCOMPLETE and COMPLETED)

To move the task, the user can drag the task from one column to another. Once moved, the task status will be automatically updated.

Task Column can be added in Task Board by clicking on the +Add Column button.

By clicking on any available task, the user can see the task detail and update it accordingly.

In Task detail, the user can;

  • Add Sub-Task
  • Add File (Upload File)
  • Insert comment
  • Insert notes
  • Send a reminder to the team member
  • Mark Task as complete


Admin user can upload file and add file link (if the file is available outside of the application)



Admin user can add in any invoice related to the project



Admin user and the team member in the project can involve into a discussion.

To start a new discussion, Admin user requires creating a Discussion Category first by click Discussion Category button

Once created, the user can start a discussion



Users can create a project Notes. There is no limitation number of notes can be created in a project.

Click Add Note button to add a note. User can enter detail related to the note..