My Notes module allows all type of user to create a note of their own and share with the other users.

Once shared with other user, the user can see any comment to the notes and thus allow any type of users to collaborate and take part in a discussion related.

What Can Be Do With My Notes

In each line, item, user can;

  • View the created note,
  • View comments,
  • Edit the created note
  • Delete the created note

Click on the View button, and user can see a pop-up box display with the created notes.

Click on the Comments button, and user can see comments available.

User can respond to the comment by typing in any message and click on the Send button. The person involved (shared) will get a notification if there is any comment available.

Click on the Edit button, and user can Edit the note created.


Create a Note

To start create a note, the user can click on the Add New Note+ button


In creating a fresh note, user can;

  • Insert Note Title
  • Select Category
    • User can create their own category by clicking on Add New Category button
  • Choose The Note
    • My Own = save for oneself
    • To Department = share with an entire person in a selected department
    • To Team Member = select which person on the team (can select more than 1 person)
    • To Clients = select which clients
  • Insert Note Details
    • Open text, user can type in anything
  • Add Attachment

Once done, click on Save button

Adding Attachment

In the latest release for October 2022, you can upload more than 1 attachment for every note you create.

Each file size is limit up to 3MB. We will keep update to allow a larger file size in the future.